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By David Cho
New Organizing Project blogger


Are there ever times when you are overloaded with mountains of work, and you don’t know where to begin? I’m sure you have been there, done that. And I’m sure some of you completed all your tasks by focusing one thing at a time. Easy.

As many of us know, the first component of the California DREAM Act called AB130 passed recently on July 25. AB130 allows undocumented college students to apply and receive private-funded financial aid, costing tax payers zero dollars. Nada. So now that we completed the first task, there remains one last hurdle: AB131.

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AB131 will allow undocumented students to apply and receive financial aid, including Board of Governors fee waiver, institutional student aid, and Cal Grants. These students will not be eligible to receive any Competitive Cal Grants unless funding remains available after all California resident students have received their scholarships.

We first want to commend all those who have contributed to passing AB130, including but not limited to: Assemblymember Gil Cedillo/his staff, Gov. Jerry Brown, and all the students who are directly affected by this law. We now have to finish strong and pass AB131, the second component of the California DREAM Act. The glass is half empty.

AB131 currently remains in suspense in the Appropriations Committee. We have until Aug. 25 (fewer than 7 days) to get the bill out of suspense. The bill will die if we fail to get it out of suspense before Aug. 25. Help us complete our last task by signing an online petition at You have the power to change the lives of so many students with just 2 minutes. Click it.