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The Inverted Fountain

By June 10, 2011One Comment


By David Cho
New Organizing Project blogger

I finally touched it (again). I suddenly remembered the first time I timidly dipped my index finger into the cool water. It was during my UCLA orientation.

You seem confused. Allow me to elaborate on one of many UCLA traditions. The inverted fountain has a recirculating water flow of 10,000 gallons per minute and was inspired by bubbling mud pots and natural springs in Yellowstone. All UCLA students are only supposed to touch the inverted foundation twice in their entire UCLA career.

The first time occurs during orientation and the second time the exciting day of graduation or any time after last finals. The myth says that UCLA students will stay an extra quarter if they break the rule. My friend Mike Branson can attest to this myth: it’s real.

Going into the inverted foundation along with my Psi brothers and Jane was one of my most refreshing experiences. I wonder if I’ll visit the foundation again in two years after my graduate school graduation.






One Comment