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Meet our Bloggers – Hye Joo Kim

By September 7, 2010No Comments

Come meet our New Organizing Project (NOP) blogger, Hye Joo! You can find her posts on Monday afternoons where she will write about girls empowerment, women’s rights and the DREAM Act!


If I could be a super (s)hero:

I’d be Wonder Woman! She’s a feminist and her powers also include having superhuman strength, flight, super-speed, super-stamina and super-agility!


I can’t live without:

Food. Nom nom nom.


What I hope you’ll get out of NOP:

Getting to know us NOP bloggers and our issues, joining the conversation and having fun with us!


A little birdie told you:

I don’t have a personal twitter account, but follow @nakasec for updates on our blog!