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Meet our Bloggers – Joyce Yin

By September 7, 2010No Comments

Come meet our New Organizing Project (NOP) blogger, Joyce Yin! You can find her posts on Monday mornings where she will write about race, pop culture, gender and immigration.


If I can sum myself up, I’d say:

I love to laugh. I probably have one of the loudest, most obnoxious laughs ever.

Penguins are my favorite animal EVER [although corgis come in a close second].

I’m obsessed with popular culture [especially trashy television] and love having dialogues around the ridiculousness of it all. So don’t be afraid to leave a comment! :]


My favorite word is:

FAIL. I love that the word ‘fail’ now has so many different uses in our language today. You can use it as a noun, adjective, verb……who doesn’t love a multi-purpose word like that?


What I hope you’ll get out of NOP:

That NOP will spark ideas in you. Motivate you to think more critically about certain social issues. To not take everything at face value and to learn to ask crucial questions. Make you want to start your own blog and continue the discussion.


I tweet at:

@Zombie_Penguins. Find me!