Since the 1996 presidential elections, NAKASEC has coordinated a multi-faceted civic participation campaign designed to walk first-time voters through the entire political process. The components of the campaign include: voter registration, voter education, voter mobilization, voter assistance, voter research, and voting rights advocacy.

NAKASEC VA has been registered, educating and mobilizing Korean and Asian American voters in Northern Virginia since the 2014 elections.  2017 presents an incredible opportunity to engage the participation and leadership of Korean and Asian American communities, primarily in Northern Virginia where 80% of the population resides. In 2017, there are statewide races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and all 100 House of Delegates offices. Much is at stake as these elections carry consequences that can shape the Virginia political, social and economic landscape for at least the next ten years as the state legislature and Governor will determine redistricting in 2021.