Zowee Aquino

Policy and Communications Team Lead
she/her | zaquino@nakasec.org

Zowee (pronounced like “Zoe”) Aquino joins NAKASEC VA to recruit, engage, and mobilize Asian American and all communities in addressing health inequity. She is a 2nd generation Filipino American social worker with a background in public health interested in intersectional health equity.

Prior to joining NAKASEC VA, Zowee has had a variety of experiences in health advocacy, with a special focus on racial equity in health, including: peer-led health education in POC and LGBTQ+ youth communities, addressing practitioner barriers in treating AAPI aging and mental health, food justice organizing in Richmond VA, and locality-based geriatric community care policy intensive in Japan. She believes that everyone has dignity and worth, and that access to quality care and resources for holistic health maintenance are the foundation of a just society.

In her spare time, she likes to sew, cook, weightlift, and spend time with friends and family.