Sarah Choi (최산성)

Korean Community Organizer
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Sarah San Sung Choi (최산성) is NAKASEC VA’s Community Organizer focused on building relationships with Asian Americans providing health referrals, naturalization, and other social services and organizing Asian Americans who are facing injustice to win social, racial, and economic equity policy changes.

She was born in South Korea and spent her childhood living in nine different countries including South Africa, Australia, and the United States. With her studies in Communications and Broadcasting, and living in such a diversity of cultures and races, she became well aware of the importance of justice and the human rights movement. She witnessed the changes when Nelson Mandela ran for office and when the former president of South Korea was impeached in 2017 after the Sewol Ferry disaster.

Living in Virginia for over 8 years and studying to work as a film producer previously, Sarah participated in numerous film projects and documentaries addressing the importance of human rights and racial discrimination. As one of the key members at her church, she had exclusive experiences by reaching out and understanding the current issues and the challenges that were affecting the community and the Korean Americans living in southern Virginia. In her free time, Sarah is a complete film geek and enjoys listening to her vinyl collection.