Quynh Nguyen

Digital Organizer
they/them | qnguyen@nakasec.org

Nguyễn Quỳnh-Vân is a 2nd generation queer Vietnamese American rooted in Northern Virginia. They’re excited to join NAKASEC VA and pursue their passion for exploring and flourishing the potential for a progressive Asian American collective.

In their journey of understanding what it meant to be LGBT, Vietnamese, and American at the same time, Quynh found a love for learning the histories of and building community among Asian Americans, and LGBT people of color, abandoning the pre-medical career track in favor of considering what a more people-powered approach to health might look like. They’ve done research on health inequities of disadvantaged communities at the national level as an NIH intern, as well as at the local level with Appalachian communities as a student researcher, and they hope to do work that helps the Vietnamese and greater Asian American communities realize and change the greater forces that impact our health and well-being, beyond the individual.

In their free time, they like listening to pop music from literally anywhere in the world, trying new local immigrant-run restaurants, and finding events with free food (when this pandemic wasn’t happening).