Since the 1996 presidential elections, NAKASEC has coordinated a multi-faceted civic participation campaign designed to walk first-time voters through the entire political process. The components of the campaign include: voter registration, voter education, voter mobilization, voter assistance, voter research, and voting rights advocacy.

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We Are America Alliance
In 2006, more than 4 million immigrants and their allies in over 120 cities marched and spoke out for the rights and dignity of their communities. The energy and activism these mobilizations produced caught many by surprise, and had a significant impact on the public and policy debate. In the aftermath of these unprecedented mobilizations across the country, the We Are America Alliance was formed. This alliance of community organizations, immigrant rights organizations, ethnically-based organizations and unions recognize the urgent need to increase civic participation by immigrants and to engage them in the political process.

Civic Engagement and Voter Empowerment

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