The National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC) was founded by local community centers seeking to empower and improve the lives of Korean Americans as a part of a greater goal of building a national movement for social change.

NAKASEC was founded in 1994 during a political turning point for Korean Americans. The LA Civil Unrest of April 29, 1992 and the subsequent anti-immigrant wave in Congress, precipitated by Prop 187, posed tremendous challenges to Korean Americans as people of color, working families and immigrants. The state of America at that time led a group of local grassroots community based organizations to come together to form NAKASEC with the purpose of projecting a national progressive voice on major civil rights and immigrant rights issues and promoting the full participation of Korean Americans with the greater goal of building a national movement for social change.

Today, NAKASEC is based in Los Angeles, CA and Annandale, VA, and has affiliates in Los Angeles and Orange County (Korean Resource Center) and in Chicago (Korean American Resource & Cultural Center). NAKASEC and its affiliates form a strong and unique organizing network that forwards a holistic empowerment model.

Our affiliates provide programs in education, social services, culture, civic engagement and organizing that address the full human & political needs of community members. NAKASEC develops sound and informed policy advocacy goals, produces relevant educational products and coordinates results oriented national grassroots campaigns that are informed by its participation in national strategy formations and directed by the leadership of our affiliates. Key programs, the Immigrant Rights Project and Civic Engagement & Voter Empowerment Project, are supplemented by work in the area of health access, civil rights, and financial empowerment.

The NAKASEC Action Fund is NAKASEC’s 501(c)(4) advocacy arm.


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