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STATEMENT (Value Our Families Coalition): Trump’s Executive Order STILL Jails Children

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June 20, 2018



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Trump’s Executive Order STILL Jails Children


Donald Trump is trying to clean up the mess he made after months of separating children from their families and locking them up in detention camps. He may have caved in under political pressure today with this executive order, but Trump and his administration are still responsible for putting children in cages.


Below is a response by the Value Our Families coalition:


“Trump’s new Executive Order does nothing to solve the inhumane treatment of families on the border. He is still putting children in jails. Trump is only covering up the mess he made because he came under political pressure. Families belong in communities, not cages. Trump must end the cruel mistreatment and disgrace to our country.”



Value Our Families is the national coalition that aims to reunite and keep families together, defend family immigration, and protect family unity.