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CALL to Support the DREAM Act 3/7 -3/14

By March 7, 2007No Comments

The DREAM Act was just introduced in Congress (S. 774 and H.R. 1275)! Please take the time out of your busy schedules to make three phone calls in support of immigrant students. Between March 7 and March 14 call your Representative & Senators and urge them to support this important bill.

Call Your Elected Officials Today!

Call (202) 224-3121 before 5 PM EST to contact your Representative and Senators. You may give your zip code to the operator to get connected to your elected officials.

You may also look up your Congressmembers at

The following is a suggested message:

“Hello. My name is and I am calling from . I urge to support the DREAM Act which was just introduced. The DREAM Act offers all young students the chance and opportunity to obtain higher education and employment opportunities. Please support the DREAM Act and DREAM students who will become successful and ultimately be a benefit to the U.S.”

If your Congressmember already supports the DREAM Act, please be sure to thank them.

And Why Is Your Support Important?

The DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act is for students whose futures are restricted by current immigration laws. The DREAM Act allows undocumented students to go to college and become successful US citizens. Without the DREAM Act, the US will be tossing away future doctors and lawyers, current honor students and valedictorians.

Many DREAM students came to the US at an early age and consider the US their home yet because of some immigration laws, they find themselves deprived of higher education, deprived of a future, and deprived of the opportunity to dream.

For more information:
NAKASEC at 323-937-3703 or
KRC at 323-937-3718 or
KRCC at 323-937-3718 or
YKASEC at 323-937-3718 or

Brought to you by:
KRC’s ORAnGE (Organize, Rise Up, Act ‘N Get Empowered)
KRCC’s FYSH (Fighting Youth Shouting Out for Humanity)
YKASEC’s MIST (Modern Immigration Support Team)