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New Americans Exit Poll Findings for New York and Seattle

By November 9, 2006No Comments

New York:

This summary reflects only a partial analysis of the 2006 New Americans Exit Poll data for 2006, based on about 80 percent of surveys collected on Election Day as New Yorkers exited the polls. Because the data analysis is not complete, we cannot yet properly weight the data or report a margin of error for the survey. The findings, therefore, should be interpreted with care.


In 2006, Hate Free Zone Washington participated in the New American Exit Poll project, which took place in New York city, Los Angeles, and King County, Washington. Hate Free Zone collaborated with the University of Washington to conduct voter polls in Seattle and the surrounding King County area in Washington State. Because the majority of Seattle-area voters vote by mail prior to Election Day, two concurrent local studies focusing on immigrants and immigration were conducted: an exit poll taken on election day at polling sites, as well as a pioneering telephone survey of absentee voters.

These findings reflect only a partial analysis of the data and should be interpreted and reported with care.