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May 24 Youth Call-In Day!

By May 22, 2006No Comments

National Youth Call-In Day for Immigrant & Human Rights

The Time Is Now!

Next week (the week of May 22) the full Senate will finally vote on a very important immigration bill.Months of actions, marches and rallies by youth, immigrants and their allies have brought us to this point, but the final bill in the Senate could still have severe consequences for immigrants and their families in America. Remember, WE ARE AMERICA!

Now is the time for immigrant youth and their friends to act!

On May 24 join thousands of youth from across the United States in a national call-in day for immigrant rights.This will be our last and best chance to impact the immigration debate in the Senate. That afternoon, a smaller group of youth from across the country will be at the Capitol in Washington, DC sharing personal testimony at a national press event.

On Wednesday, May 24, between 2:30 and 5:30 PM Eastern Time, call your Senators.
Tell them to “Keep Our Families Together.”

What to Do:

Make the Call! On Wednesday, May 24 dial 1-800-637-1928.This number will get you to the Senate switchboard, where you can be transferred to your Senators’ offices.

Involve your Friends! Spread the word to at least 20 other youth.Share the number with your friends and get them to make calls too. Don’t forget to remind them to make the call on Wednesday.To make it easier, e-mail this alert or text message your friends the following message:

“Keep Our Families Together! Call 1-800-637-1928 and ask for Senator X & Y.”

Note: A list of Senators for each state will be available on will need to call twice to reach both Senators.

Think about Taking the Next Step. After school or between classes, hold an event in your own school or community – it can be a “teach-in” or a rally or just a meeting. Use the materials at to educate your classmates, friends and allies about the immigration issue.

If you do, Involve the Media!Call your favorite radio stations and ask them to come to your local events. Ask them to help spread the word.Materials on how to contact the media are also available at

Tell Us.E-mail and let us know how many phone calls you plan to organize and what you want to do in your local community or school.
What You Can Say:

The number of calls matters.If we get enough calls into the Senate, we might overwhelm the switchboard, and that’s a good thing.

If you do get through to your Senators, give them the following message.Expect to only have a few moments to actually talk with folks in your Senator’s offices.

“My name is [your name], I live in [your city] and I am [your age].I’m calling because I am very concerned about the immigration bill that the Senate will vote on this week. The most important thing the Senator must remember is to keep our families together.”

For more information:
Contact Morna Ha at or Rich Stolz at or at