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Today, Congress will vote in a few hours to strip millions of Americans of their health care. Call your Representative right now at 1-888-200-5389 to protect our care. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), 16.4 million Americans, including 1.2 million Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) have gained health care coverage they otherwise cannot afford.

This includes our community members, particularly those who are low-income, seniors and women. These are their stories:
“I have worked in several different restaurants as an assistant cook for thirty years. For eleven years, I was uninsured.  I mostly avoided going to the doctor to save money. Then I was diagnosed with eye cancer, and it was Medicaid that saved my life! I was able to get Medicaid quickly and easily because of the ACA. Medicaid provided health care coverage for my enucleation surgery and helped ensure the medical bills following my illness would not impoverish me. Medicaid saved me.” Mrs. Kim, Prospect Heights, IL

“Before the ACA, I was always worried about my medical expenses and I was not able to take care of my high blood pressure. After getting healthcare through the ACA, it feels great to be able to have regular check-ups.” Ji Hong Chung, Montrose, CA

“I experienced chronic pain for months but I could not see a doctor because I could not afford health insurance.  I finally was able to receive health insurance in 2014 through the ACA. I visited a doctor soon after and found out that I needed a critical operation. I was able to have the surgical procedure and spend two days in recovery at the hospital. Most importantly, I was able to have peace of mind because I knew that because of the ACA, I would not end up with a debt that I’m not sure how I would have paid given my part-time grocery store clerk wages.” Keum Sook Oh, Philadelphia, PA

Congress is divided over the issue. Your voice will make a difference. They are voting today. Call your Representative NOW at 1-888-200-5389 to demand protection of the Affordable Care Act so that our community members have the health care they deserve. #ProtectOurCare