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June 2016 Media Hits

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Check out NAKASEC, KRC, and KRCC in local and national news!

Korea Daily (DC), 6/1: 대학 입학 전형 소수계 우대정책 “찬성”
The Huffington Post, 6/2: 
OpEd – Supreme Court Judges: American. That Includes Me, My Family and My Community
Korea Daily (DC), 6/4: “시민권 신청·유권자 등록 도와드려요”
Christian View (DC), 6/4: 한인정치력신장은 시민권 취득과 투표참여
Korea Times (DC), 6/5: “유권자 수가 바로 한인 정치력”
Korea Daily (Los Angeles), 6/6: “한인 정치력 신장위해 한목소리 내야”
Korea Times (Los Angeles), 6/7: OpEd – 소수민족 투표권 보장을 위한 지역선거구제
Korea Times (Los Angeles), 6/7: “한인 시의원 배출 기회 넓히자”
NBC, 6/8: Advocates Celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month with #ImmigrationStoryin5Words
Korea Daily (Los Angeles), 6/8: 풀러턴 선거구 획정 최종안 결정됐다
Korea Times (Los Angeles), 6/9: 
풀러튼 지역 선거구제 지도 확정
Korea Times (Los Angeles), 6/11: 민족학교, 풀러튼시 선거구 개편 반대
Korea Times (Chicago), 6/13: 복지회-마당집 통합한다
Korea Times (Los Angeles), 6/13: 타운 ‘병화 프로젝트’ 본격 단장 나선다
Korea Times (Los Angeles), 6/13: “아시아계 유권자 1400명, 시의회 선거에 큰 영향”
Korea Daily (DC), 6/14: 성인 입양인에게도 시민권 부여안 하원 상정
Asian Journal, 6/14: 
LA City Council declares June Immigrant Heritage Month
Korea Daily (DC), 6/15: “서류미비 청년 생존권 보장 시급”
Korea Daily (Chicago), 6/15: 
DACA 4주년…”수혜자 늘어나길 기대”
Korea Daily (Los Angeles), 6/15: 데이비드 류 시의원 타운 청소…타운 ‘벽화 프로젝트’ 준비
Korea Times (DC): “4년간 한인 7천여명 혜택”
Korea Times (Chicago), 6/16: “더 많은 한인들이 혜택받기를”
Korea Times (Chicago), 6/17: “내게 새 세상을 열어주었죠”
Korea Times (Los Angeles), 6/17: 데이빗 류 시의원 타운 환경미화
NBC, 6/17: Adoptees’ Push for Citizenship Reaches House of Representatives
Christian View (DC), 6/17: “청소년추방유예 프로그램 적극 활용하라”
Reuters, 6/18: Asians, many out of shame, not seeking U.S. deportation protection
Korea Times (DC), 6/20: “시
민권 취득해 대통령 선거 참여하자”
Christian View (DC), 6/20: 한인들, 시민권 신청 관심 커졌다
Korea Times (Los Angeles), 6/20: 이경원 리더십센터 기금마련 만찬
Annandale Blog, 6/20: Korean organizations help immigrants attain citizenship
Immigrant Connect, 6/20: Korean adoptees: Left behind, now fighting for citizenship
Center for American Progress, 6/22: More Work Is Needed to Increase DACA Applications from Asian American and Pacific Islander Immigrants
Korea Daily (Los Angeles), 6/22: 이경원 리더십센터 기금마련 만찬
Chicago Tribune, 6/23: Immigrants disappointed in Supreme Court split, vow to continue fight
CBS, 6/23: Immigrants Disappointed in U.S. Supreme Court Ruling
Fox News, 6/23: ‘No’ to Obama’s immigration plans, Supreme Court says
Augusta Free Press, 6/23: Connolly to meet with Virginia immigrants as part of DAPA Dinners campaign
WBEZ, 6/24: After Supreme Court Loss, Illinois Immigrant Advocates Vow To Fight On
Korea Times (DC), 6/24: 한인 권익단체들 “이민개혁 관철 모든 방안 모색”
Korea Daily (DC), 6/24: 무산된 이민개혁, 나카섹 “위기를 기회로”
Korea Daily (Los Angeles), 6/24: 이민개혁 행정명령 끝내 무산…연방 대법원 4대4 동수
Korea Times (Los Angeles), 6/24: 500만 추방유예 대상자들 ‘충격’
Korea Times (Los Angeles), 6/24: 이민개혁 행정명령 기각에 한인 권익단체들 반응
AP, 6/24: 
Connolly to dine with immigrants after court deadlock

Korea Daily (Los Angeles), 6/25: “이민개혁 포기하지 않겠다”…가주 서류미비자 혜택 유효
Korea Daily (Los Angeles), 6/25: ‘1차 행정명령’은 계속 시행…23일 연방대법원 결정과 무관
Black Star News, 6/27: Rep. Connolly Meets Constituents Fearful Following SCOTUS Tie
Think Progress, 6/27: Undocumented Immigrants Dine With Congressman, Share What It’s Like to Live in Fear of Deportation
Korea Daily (DC), 6/27: 코널리 연방의원 “정권 교체시 2년내 이민개혁 통과”
America’s Voice, 6/27: Rep. Gerry Connolly Joins NAKASEC And Virginia Immigrants For “DAPA Dinner”
Korea Daily (Los Angeles), 6/28: “이민개혁 시행하라!”
Korea Times (DC), 6/28: “이민행정명령 다시 회복될 것”
The Huffington Post, 6/30: Help Is Needed for International Adoptees Caught In A Legal – And Stateless – Quagmire
PRI, 7/1: She’ll get US Citizenship 60 years after being adopted, but thousands more must still wait