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Fairfax County residents raise student needs and demands to the General Assembly

By January 9, 2016January 11th, 2016No Comments

January 9, 2016

Fairfax County residents raise student needs and demands to the General Assembly

Fairfax County Public Schools and elected officials have a responsibility for all students

Annandale, VA – Hundreds of Fairfax County residents came out on Saturday January 9, 2016 letting county, government, and elected officials their concerns and needs for 2016 and 2017. With Fairfax County Public Schools facing a budget shortfall, over 50 community members from all walks of life focused on strengthening and improving Fairfax County Public Education for all students. With the passage of Every Student Succeeds Act in 2015, there is momentum in improving public education, focusing on putting students and educators first, rather than more testing.

Virginia is in the top 10 across the nation for its education system, but ranks far behind when factoring it investments per student. Fairfax County students deserve the best, Virginia deserves the best, and public education deserves the best. Fairfax County Public Schools serve over 188,000 students, ranking 11th nationwide; 1 out of 5 are Asian American, 1 in 4 are on reduced or free lunch, are our future. Virginia should lead 2016 focused on public education, ensuring a bright future for all student, families, and the country.

Dong Yoon Kim, Program Director of the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium, issued the following statement.

“Korean Americans place a high priority on education, with many Korean American families moving to Fairfax County for their children’s education. With the reauthorization and passage of Every Student Succeeds Act, students and families seek a strengthened and improved holistic education, rather than an emphasis on testing, and for educators to receive proper level of support for their classes. We ask Fairfax County and Virginia to emphasize public education to benefit all students across the commonwealth for 2016.”

Trung Nguyen, Youth Manager of Boat People SOS, issued the following statement.

“Across Virginia, Vietnamese and Asian American families struggle to make ends meet. Parents work long and hard hours, even on weekends, barely having time to see their children. Students start working part-time to support not only themselves but to put food on the table as early as possible. I work with many Asian American and low-income students in education meeting their academic needs but I cannot meet all students’ needs across the county and state. Fairfax County and the state of Virginia have a responsibility for all students and communities. For us, education is the only way to build our future.”

Shaista Keating, Founder of Critical Thinking Revolution, issued the following statement.

“Our world is experiencing an unprecedented pace of change. The Internet has made information more accessible than ever before. The volume of data available has become overwhelming. Solving complex problems requires the skill of critical thinking, a skill that must be taught. Students who learn to think critically are able to ask the right questions, recognize potential issues, and offer meaningful solutions to economic, social, security, and political concerns. We need a complete overhaul of the education system in Virginia, a shift from education based on memorization and shallow understanding of facts, to education based on deep learning of content and mastery of 21st Century skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration, and above all, critical thinking.”