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Action Alert | Tell Sen. Baucus and Sen. Reid to Protect Immigrant Families!

By February 1, 2012No Comments


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Right now, legislators are considering a bill that would restrict access to the critical Child Tax Credit – a credit designed to keep hardworking low-income families from falling into poverty. Rather than ask millionaires to pay their fair share, Congress is putting the burden on families who can least afford it in order to fund the payroll tax extension.

The proposal requires the use of a Social Security Number in order to receive the Child Tax Credit. Taxpaying immigrants who use Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) would no longer be eligible. If passed, these families could lose an average of $1,800 of much-needed tax credits, forcing parents to cut back on essential care for their children.

JOIN US this Wednesday and Thursday (2/1 & 2/2) for national call-in actions! Make calls to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Caucus and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to protect hardworking immigrant families!:

Call Senator Reid at 866-572-7042 and say:

•    Thank you for your leadership in protecting children
•    Please continue your opposition to any restriction to eligibility for the Child Tax Credit

Call Senator Baucus at 866-974-8813 and say:

•    Protect children
•    Oppose any restriction to eligibility for the Child Tax Credit

You can also dial (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to members of the tax package conference to let them know that you oppose changes in eligibility for the Child Tax Credit:

Suggested Script–

“My name is _________. I am a constituent calling from _______. I urge you to oppose any changes in eligibility for the Child Tax Credit. Children in low-income families should not be a source of revenue for the payroll tax cut. No compromises!”

Let’s work together to keep our legislators accountable and ensure that no changes are made to the Child Tax Credit eligibility.


On Twitter? RT!

    Tweet: @SenatorReid Reject changes to Child Tax Credit & protect low-income immigrant families #InvestInKids #nakasec

Sample Tweets from Reform Immigration FOR America:
  • For many immigrant families, $1,800 means the difference between rent or eviction. What does $1,800 mean to you. #InvestInKids
  • ACTC gives tax credits of ~$1,800 to 2 mil immigrant families. Congress wants to get rid of it, send millions into poverty. #InvestInKids
  • What does $1,800 mean to your family? For millions of immigrants it means the difference between living in poverty … or not. #InvestInKids
  • Tell us what $1,800 means to you and your family. We’ll deliver your messages to Congress next week. #InvestInKids


If you have any questions, please contact Joyce Yin at or 202-299-9540.