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Where In The World is Josh?! LOL XD

By June 27, 2011No Comments

By Josh Joh-Jung
New Organizing Project blogger


What’s up ya’ll?! This your boy Josh, coming back at ya’ll with something real fresh. Now, I know it has been a while since my last blog post but things are back on track. Plus I got some special stuff planned for ya’ll later so be patient, you feel me?

Now some of ya’ll out there may or may not know but I was just recently in Mexico. That’s right, Mexico, the country that’s been getting a lot of heat in the news with immigration, drugs, and cartels. So why the heck was I in such a “dangerous” place? Well, I went to learn how American foreign policy affects Mexico, which leads to current immigration trends from Latin America.

So what did I learn? Well I’m about to drop some knowledge on ya so take notes. To understand foreign policy let me make one thing clear, it is all about economics – the flow of money. And America’s foreign policy is always to be sure that we get the better end of the bargain. Now, I can go on and on with examples of foreign policies in the past but let’s focus right now on Mexico.

Like I said, it’s all about economics and a lil something called neo-liberalism and international financial institutions. Ya’ll know what they are? No? Do some research, it’s why we have the internet. Now what screwed over Mexico is a product of the last two I just mentioned called NAFTA. NAFTA stands for the North American Free Trade Agreement which was signed by Canada, the United States, and Mexico. This dropped tariffs between the countries and also allowed large businesses to transplant themselves in the other country without consequence.

So what’s wrong with this Josh? This sounded like a good agreement? Yeah, on paper it most certainly did, it’s why Mexico signed on but how about in practice? Let’s give an example of how NAFTA screwed over farmer Josh. The staple for farmer Josh is corn, and to produce 1 ton of corn for Josh it takes a few weeks, but ah thanks to the technology of the mighty United States we can produce 17 tons of corn in a day and sell it dirt cheap to Mexico. Now the Josh is out of luck and no job. What else can he do? Migrate to the United States where all the jobs are, but wait! It takes so long to get a visa and his family is starting to get hungry, what do you do? Hire a coyote to take him across illegally. Now that’s just one example of how NAFTA has screwed over Mexico.

Oh Josh, that’s just too sad but do we honestly have a couple million undocumented Mexican immigrants who were farmers? Heck naw, r u kidding me? After NAFTA passed, the Mexican Peso dropped in value like no other. But how could this be?! Well since Mexico HAS to provide for these businesses, they got no more money, the peso is worth so little now! Then they need to ask the IMF for money. But lo and behold, the IMF is a shareholder bank and who got the most bank? That’s right baby the Stars n Stripes! And we got the final say in how and where the money goes to.  I mean we got the Mexican government jumping through hoops. And we tell them, make yo peso worthless son! And it is. I mean ya’ll know how hard you need to work in Mexico to make a living? It takes a person in Mexico a month on their minimum wage to earn just as much as the person on minimum wage in America in two weeks. Shoot, and all there is to make “bank” in America is a desert, gangs, drugs, extortion, violence, and deportation? Hell, what do they have to lose?

I know ya’ll out there might be lazy, not research some of this and say that you’re not getting the whole picture. I’ll be sure to post another blog to fill in the blanks that some of ya’ll may have next time okay? So no worries, and be patient 😉

The point I am trying to make with ya’ll is that we must continue to work on comprehensive immigration reform but also at the same time realize why people immigrate to America. Immigration is evidence of human rights violation. The United States has created this phenomenon and now has to find a solution to accommodate for immigrants. We have to take responsibility and live up to our purpose as the land of opportunity for all.