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Meet Our Bloggers – Joyce Yin

By May 4, 2011No Comments

Remember Joyce? She was on our Generation 1 blogging team and brought you weekly reads on everything from pop culture, identity, race, gender and immigration. Well, we’re totally excited to have her back for NOP Generation 2! Look out for her posts every Wednesdays!

Name: Joyce Yin
From: Chicago, IL

1. If I can sum myself up….
I’d say I’m a friendly and energetic person who loves to laugh [and be warned, I have a very loud and obnoxious laugh] and make people smile.

2. This is a must read book because….
For those fiending for some Asian American history, I strongly recommend ‘Asian American Dreams: The Emergency of an American People’ by Helen Zia. She intertwines her personal stories with major events that were turning points in Asian American history and writes in a personable and accessible manner that I greatly enjoyed.

3. When I’m not blogging or engaged in community, you can find me….
watching and reading/tweeting about basketball [go Bulls!], exploring Chicago, attempting to bike in the city without getting hit by a car, listening to hip hop and kpop, buying more sneakers and dying my hair.

4. My hope for the Asian American community is that….
we’re able to continue building solidarity within our diverse groups and one another while also strengthening bonds with other oppressed groups. A just world cannot be achieved if we’re only doing work within our own respective communities.

5. My wish for NOP and its readers and followers….
I hope that NOP will provide a forum for Asian Americans and non-Asian Americans to discuss and further explore the multiple issues affecting our communities, whether that be immigration, Ethnic Studies, mental health, etc. At the very least, I hope NOP is able to make you think about a particular issue you might not have ever thought about before and inspire you to learn more.

I tweet at…. @zombie_penguins