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Meet KRCC’s New Youth Program Director!

By December 15, 2010No Comments

By Hye Joo
New Organizing Project blogger

This past November, KRCC said our farewells to Youth Program Director, Eun Young Lee, who left to pursue new opportunities and experiences in Korea. We wish her the best of luck!

KRCC also welcomed the new Youth Program Director, Young Sun Song. She’s not new to KRCC (she was actually our Community Organizer!), but I thought that this would be a good opportunity for everyone to get to know her a little better. This is my short (funny and comfortable) Q & A session with Young Sun.

Young Sun with George Lieu at the Highlander Center. Photo Credit: Korean American Resource & Cultural Center

1. Tell us about yourself

I came to Chicago in 2001 and have called this city my home ever since. Growing up, I have always wondered why discrimination exists. I went on to study social welfare at UIC where I learned that discrimination exists because of deeper problems rooted in society. I also learned that change and progress to right the wrongs is possible through organizing impacted individuals — low-income residents, seniors, children, women, persons with disabilities. So I began to work as a Community Organizer with KRCC from 2006.


2. What do you hope to accomplish by working with youth at KRCC?

First, I hope that KRCC can continue to provide a safe and healthy space for youth. I also hope that youth will learn and get involved in different things that they may not be able to experience in other places.


3. What’s the best about working at KRCC?

It’s great that what we learn at KRCC we are able to apply to daily in our lives. But I think the best part about working at KRCC is that I get to be with like-minded, progressive Korean Americans. Working with KRCC youth, I’ll get an opportunity to work with not only Korean American youth, but youth of different ethnicities and backgrounds.  I look forward to this very much.


4. What is the most inspiring people’s movement to you?

To be honest, before coming to the United States, I was not involved in social issues and did not really know about the Korean student movement of the 1980s or the Labor Movement. But, since coming here, I became more involved. I learned about the Civil Rights Movement and was very much inspired. Reading, watching and learning about people putting their lives at risk to fight for their rights left a big imprint in my memory.


5. During your off hours what do you enjoy doing the most?

I like meeting up with friends and eating good food, watching documentaries about food  and reading books about inventions and ideas!


6. One piece of advice you want to give to youth?

Be curious and live your life!

If you have any questions regarding the Youth Program in KRCC, don’t forget to find Young Sun!

Young Sun Song, MSW

(e) | (t) 773.588.9158 | (f) 773.588.9159 |

Korean American Resource & Cultural Center