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Make a Difference

By October 28, 2010No Comments

By Hye Joo
New Organizing Project blogger

When you think about making a difference, some may think that only people in high positions, such as the president or someone even like your principal or your boss are only capable of doing so. But that’s not true. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said everyone can be great, because everyone can serve to make a change.

This past Saturday was Make a Difference Day. I ask you.. what do you think YOU can do to make a difference every day?

As a student still in high school, I have some advice for fellow youth out there. Making a difference is not hard. The “making a difference” that I am talking about is not about having a lot of money  to build a new technological school in your neighborhood, I am talking about the small things we can do. After all, aren’t we going to be future leaders of this country? Change starts small and it begins with us.

Here are some tips to help you get started (and you can find some inspiration here, too!):

  1. Sign up to volunteer at a nearby community organization
  2. Organize a school club to talk about issues you are passionate about and inspire others to care and act
  3. Rock the vote (or if you are not voting age yet, get others to the polls and let them know why they need to)
  4. Organize fundraisers for a local or global cause
  5. Talk about what youth issues affect students in your class or community and do something about it

I work to make a difference too. As seen from my previous blog posts, I have volunteered at KRCC for over 3 years. I have not only learned about organizing and advocacy, but the importance of amplifying the voice of youth. It’s an empowering experience. So, let’s get started!