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Meet our Bloggers – MK7

By September 10, 2010No Comments

Come meet our New Organizing Project (NOP) blogger, MK7! He’ll be ending your week on a cool and hip note with posts related to music, hip hop, social justice, immigration and exploring the immigrant experience in Chicago! He’ll be mainly blogging in Korean, but speaks a language that everyone understands – music! He’s got talent that’ll blow you away, so make sure you check him out!


My hidden skill is:

I can actually read tarot cards.


My favorite word is:

忠 – Choong, 충. It means loyalty. It seems like people have lost the meaning or don’t find it important anymore. I witness betrayals and lies. Being loyal seems like something you read or see in old texts, but I think it is really important for people to know and practice.


What I hope you’ll get out of NOP:

Get to know issues that are important for me and my fellow bloggers. Let’s create momentum!


I tweet at:

No personal twitter account for me yet, but please follow @nakasec for the latest.