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Meet our Bloggers – Hyo Bin Sung

By September 8, 20103 Comments

Come meet our New Organizing Project (NOP) blogger, Hyo Bin, or her “Hyoness”! You can find her posts on Wednesdays where she will explore identity, immigration, race, class and gender & how these issues intersects with lifestyles!


My hidden skill is:

Observing others around me without getting caught.

I’m very observant.  I notice things, sounds, movements, and emotions pretty quickly.  Sometimes I find myself noticing these observations without trying.  The beautiful thing about my hidden skill is that I feel like I get to know the person on a different level!  It is a bit strange and odd but it also has its benefits, too!

For example, I feel like at times I can become the helping voice for those who feel awkward or less inclined to share their stories.


When I’m not trying to change the world, you can find me:

Cooking and baking!

Because I watch the Food Network when I eat—I’m constantly being inspired or coerced into cooking something new and different!  Plus, it makes me somewhat sad that what I’m eating isn’t what’s on my tv screen.  So if you want, please share with me your all-time favorite dish or treat!   Also, I enjoy being in the kitchen because I am a believer in brining people together through sharing food and culture.


What I hope you’ll get out of NOP: A sense that GenX and Y truly care for this society and that there are people out there doing amazing work and also suffering under harsh and unfair circumstances.  I hope you’ll gain insight into how others may view a certain issue that may be contrasting to your own beliefs.  Most importantly, caring for others and your society isn’t difficult nor time consuming!


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