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30 Seconds to Support Immigration Reform

By June 11, 2009One Comment


This week, hundreds of allied organizations launched the campaign to Reform Immigration FOR America in 40 different cities! (Video and photos from Los Angeles launch)

Tomorrow, over 700 community members will be in our nation’s Capitol to tell Congress: “We can’t afford to wait any longer. America needs to reform immigration now.”

For those who cannot be here with us, with one-click you can join us on paper. Please take 30 seconds to send a free fax to your Senators and Representatives right now:

Please share this to your friends, family and neighbors. Our national goal is to back up our 700 community members in D.C. on June 4th with 2,500 phone calls and 20,000 faxes.

President Obama has said reforming the immigration system is a priority for him. But it’s going to take more than just having the President on our side to win. We need 279 votes to pass comprehensive immigration reform – 218 US Representatives + 60 Senators + the President’s signature. Over the coming months, NAKASEC and our allies ask you to help us flood Congress and the White House with faxes, calls, emails, and visits.

Our economy and thousands of families are suffering under the burden of a broken system. The time has come for just and humane immigration reform. We cannot wait any longer.

Together, we can make this happen.

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One Comment