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Tell Congress & Candidates that America’s Future Starts With Healthy Children!

By August 30, 2008No Comments


But that future is in jeopardy because the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is at risk.

Last year, the Bush administration blocked leaders in Congress from reauthorizing SCHIP, and as a result, current funding levels will run out early next year. Without re-authorization, at least 31 states will run out of funding and millions of kids will not be able to lead happy and healthy lives.

Congressional leadership and the next administration need to hear from you that an expanded SCHIP reauthorization is a priority in 2009.


By signing the pledge, you will be able to send a standard letter or write your own about why SCHIP is important to you. Your letters and concerns will be sent to Congressional leaders, Senate Majority Leaders Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.


Tell congressional leadership and presidential candidates that you support coverage for all children and oppose attempts to weaken the program by reducing the number of eligible children.

Visit to find out more about SCHIP and the campaign.