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Korean Americans Energized on June 3rd!

By June 11, 2008No Comments

Korean Americans Energized on June 3rd !

Since 1996, the Korean Resource Center (KRC) has coordinated a multi-faceted program providing a seamless path to full civic participation from voter registration, education, and assistance to GOTV, voter research, and voting rights advocacy.

In the months leading up to the June 3rd elections, KRC implemented a comprehensive civic participation program. In particular, KRC mobilized the Korean American community around two ballot measures: Proposition 98 which would terminate rent control, affordable housing development and tenant rights and Proposition 99 which was a counter ballot to Prop 98 and protects single family residential units from eminent domain. Korean American voters were urged to vote no on Prop 98 and yes on 99 through intensive phone banking and precinct walking efforts, as well as through media events like rallies and press conferences organized in coalition with other community-based, labor, civil rights and advocacy organizations in Los Angeles, all united to defeat Prop 98.

Voter Registration

Voter registration is the first step in becoming civically engaged. Beginning in February and up to the May 19th voter registration deadline, KRC welcomed thousands of new voters through voter registration drives at naturalization ceremonies, and at its center. A total of 5,367 new voters were registered by KRC.


Voter Education

KRC works to educate Korean American voters on how to vote, where to vote, their rights as voters, important election dates and the issues important to our community, including key ballot measures. In preparation for the June 3rd elections, KRC produced a bilingual voter guide which included the California Voter’s Bill of Rights, important Election Day information, Prop 98 and Prop 99. KRC also promoted Power Vote, a group of community members and leaders who meet monthly to become educated on the election and to instill a culture of sustained civic participation. The KRC Voter Guide was mailed to nearly 18,000 registered Korean American voters in Los Angeles and Orange County and nearly 3,000 were distributed at naturalization ceremonies, voter workshops and community events. KRC has held 9 workshops that informed 865 Korean American community members in Los Angeles and Orange Counties on how to vote, how the election process works, the difference between a primary and general election, services provided by the County Registrars like the multi-language voter assistance hotline number, and about Prop 98 and 99.

Get Out the Vote

KRC carried out a Get Out the Vote campaign which included mailing nearly 18,000 voter guides to registered Korean American voters, phone-banking close to 5,000 and visiting close to 2,000 at their homes to educate them on Prop 98 and to urge their civic participation on June 3rd. The election results confirm what KRC and NAKASEC anticipated would be the response of the Korean American community:

· Of the 4,813 registered Korean American voters who were phone-banked in May, 92% said they were going to vote on June 3rd and 89% said they would vote no on Prop 98, with 90% saying they would vote yes on Prop 99.

· Of the 1,897 homes visited, 90% of voters contacted stated that they would be voting on Election Day, 98% said they would vote no on Prop and 96% said they would vote yes on Prop 99.

KRC’s work in encouraging the civic participation of Korean Americans does not end on June 3rd. Our efforts continue onward to November and beyond because we believe that civic participation must not be limited to elections. Civic participation is a reflection of our sense of identity and belonging in this country and its must become an integral part of our identity as Korean Americans. Join us as we work to activate our community members in the civic engagement process and ensure that our voices are heard. Contact KRC to volunteer and get involved in Power Vote!

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