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5 Links Every Voter Should Have

By February 13, 2008No Comments


1. Know your Voter’s Bill of Rights!
Take this with you and if your rights are denied on Election Day, call your State’s Voter Hotline number.

2. State by state voter registration deadlines

3. The National Voter Registration Form – by federal law, states must accept the National Voter Registration Application (NVRA) except the following states: North Dakota does not have voter registration, Wyoming by State law cannot accept the National Form, and New Hampshire town and city clerks will accept the National Form only as a request for their own mail-in absentee voter registration form.

Download the NVRA, print it out, and mail it to your state’s Secretary of State or Board of Elections office:

4. If you are part of a minority community that fits the requirements under Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act, you have the right to translated ballot materials and bilingual interpreters. Find out what counties in the United States is covered under Section 203:

5. Keep abreast on the Presidential Race: