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Kendra & Steve

By October 7, 2009No Comments

Obama Book

Dear President Obama,

We are a married couple living on a farm. I have insurance and Steve does not. While he prefers farming, he now plans to begin driving trucks because making a living on a farm is getting more and more difficult.

I have already started working at a local grocery store where I am eligible for health insurance, although it is still too costly to add Steve and doesn’t cover many of my expenses.

As we try to have a child we are concerned about how we will be able to insure our future son or daughter, as there are just not enough employers who offer health insurance in our area.


Kendra and Steve Koblentz
Rolla, Missouri

The Choice Before Us: Letters to President Obama is also available in PDF format. Edited and compiled by the Center for Community Change, Northwest Federation of Community
and National Korean American Service & Education Consortium.